Walking Fast or Walking Well

sangeeta sundaram

I teach posture. My students learn to regain their primal posture through everyday movements. They learn to sit, stand, bend, lie down and lift in ways that are beneficial to their body and alleviate pain they may be having. They also learn to walk.

Walking is something that we have been doing since the age of two or less. So when they have to break down the various aspects of walking, become aware of the different muscles that need to be used, understand the parts of the gait, pay attention to how the foot lands etc., they are overwhelmed at all the mechanics that are involved.

One has to necessarily slow down to assimilate all the aspects of walking well. It requires one to become mindful of engaging the gluteus medius (most discover the existence of this muscle for the first time!), positioning the hips well with each step, landing…

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About Hypermobility Syndrome India/Viv

I an an Indian woman with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type (EDS-HT), also known as joint hypermobility syndrome. Although I have "suffered" from this disease all my life, I was diagnosed at 38 years, 2 years after my child was born. My work mainly involves being a mom to my beautiful and compassionate child. I also write and work from home in the field of science. I aim to raise awareness about EDS-HT, chronic pain, invisible illnesses, mental illnesses and invisible disabilities through my blogs. Viv (Latin root, meaning Life/ Alive) is my blogging pseudonym and alludes to my continued endeavor to rediscover my life and its meaning.
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