If you can’t connect the issues, think connective tissues! 

Connecting the dots between Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and related conditions.

This presentation  by Dr. Heidi Collins is a must read for anyone wanting to know more about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
In particular, it has information on:
  1. What is connective tissue.
  2. How EDS differs from auto-immune connective tissue diseases (like SLE).
  3. The heterogeneous and multisystemic presentation of EDS.
  4. How EDS-HT is more than just hypermobility.
  5. The controversies and lack of awareness in medical community about EDS.


An important reminder for everyone (excerpt):


Heterogeneity of EDS — and heterogeneity of people in general —
ultimately leads to:

• a broad spectrum of clinical presentations

• widely variable disease progressions

• treatments varying in efficacy from person to person

“Penetrance is believed to be 100%, although expressivity is extremely
variable, and careful examination may be required to demonstrate typical
features, especially in adult men who have never experienced a major
joint complication or significant pain.” — Levy HP. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome,
hypermobility type. In: Pagon RA, Bird TD, Dolan CR, Stephens K, Adam MP, editors. GeneReviews.
Seattle, Wash, USA: University of Washington; 2010.


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About Hypermobility Syndrome India/Viv

I an an Indian woman with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type (EDS-HT), also known as joint hypermobility syndrome. Although I have "suffered" from this disease all my life, I was diagnosed at 38 years, 2 years after my child was born. My work mainly involves being a mom to my beautiful and compassionate child. I also write and work from home in the field of science. I aim to raise awareness about EDS-HT, chronic pain, invisible illnesses, mental illnesses and invisible disabilities through my blogs. Viv (Latin root, meaning Life/ Alive) is my blogging pseudonym and alludes to my continued endeavor to rediscover my life and its meaning.
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