Friends and chronic pain

One of the major problems in my social life after I became significantly affected with chronic illness is being socially unreliable: often being unable to turn up for meet-ups, finding it difficult to be on time, and unable to make promises in general for any future plans.
17 Texts People With Chronic Pain Would Like To Hear After Cancelling Plans” was wonderful to read; although, due to my unusual sociogeographic circumstances, I have never had a single person say any of those things to me, ever.
This post by hejyork is about friendships and chronic illness…

Unlocking Words

I apologise if I’ve already talked about this, I’m currently on more than normal painkillers and my hands are too wrecked to search through old posts.

I got an email today which nearly made me cry, which could be the extra meds making me fragile…  it was 17 texts people with chronic pain would like to hear after cancelling plans.

I know I’m not the only person who really struggles between doing what their health needs and doing what they’ve planned and want to do. It also comes with a rubbish side of guilt at letting friends down and fear that you’ll weaken your relationship with them.

And there will be some people who won’t understand and who will slowly fade out of your life. I’ve seen this happen and have felt the pain of it first hand. It’s awful. It hurts. It shakes your understanding of relationships and…

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About Hypermobility Syndrome India/Viv

I an an Indian woman with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type (EDS-HT), also known as joint hypermobility syndrome. Although I have "suffered" from this disease all my life, I was diagnosed at 38 years, 2 years after my child was born. My work mainly involves being a mom to my beautiful and compassionate child. I also write and work from home in the field of science. I aim to raise awareness about EDS-HT, chronic pain, invisible illnesses, mental illnesses and invisible disabilities through my blogs. Viv (Latin root, meaning Life/ Alive) is my blogging pseudonym and alludes to my continued endeavor to rediscover my life and its meaning.
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