The B & B Scores

There is a serious need for revision of everything known related to EDS-HT and for clinicians and researchers from everywhere to reach some sort of a consensus. Especially, the diagnostic criteria.
This post at highlights the issue very well.

Mast Cells & Collagen Behaving Badly

If you’re suspected of having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome you’re likely to be tested via the Beighton Score.  This looks at certain joints in the body and how hypermobile they are:

  • Elbow bends backwards more than 10 degrees (1 point per elbow)
  • Knee bends backwards more than 10 degrees (1 point per knee)
  • Thumbs bend inwards to touch your forearm (1 point per thumb)
  • Little finger bends up more than 90 degrees from the back of your hand (1 point each pinky)
  • Hands can be placed flat on the floor with your knees straight (1 point)

I have big issues with the Beighton Score.  My knees don’t bend backwards, my thumbs don’t bend anywhere near my forearms and I’ve never been able to place my hands flat on the floor with straight legs.  So according to this I’d only score 4/9 and not really be classed as hypermobile at all!

Why do…

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About Hypermobility Syndrome India/Viv

I an an Indian woman with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type (EDS-HT), also known as joint hypermobility syndrome. Although I have "suffered" from this disease all my life, I was diagnosed at 38 years, 2 years after my child was born. My work mainly involves being a mom to my beautiful and compassionate child. I also write and work from home in the field of science. I aim to raise awareness about EDS-HT, chronic pain, invisible illnesses, mental illnesses and invisible disabilities through my blogs. Viv (Latin root, meaning Life/ Alive) is my blogging pseudonym and alludes to my continued endeavor to rediscover my life and its meaning.
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