Types of Pain

We struggle to understand something we have not experienced. As a chronic pain sufferer, I am able to understand pain, and it has also made me sensitive to other kinds of sufferings. Still, I do not really know first hand, and can only imagine what a person with chronic urticaria goes through. So I completely understand the people fail to “get it”. The level of pain and the constancy and relentlessness of it a chronic pain sufferer feels can barely be understood by anyone. They could choose to feel sympathy, but they cannot understand or know it. I think this post by Jak describes the different kinds of pain she faces so well.

Mast Cells & Collagen Behaving Badly

Following on from my blog post on Types of Fatigue I was asked by one of my followers to do a post on the various types of pain I experience.  When I was healthy I, like most people, had only ever experienced short-term acute pain for which an end was in sight and had no idea how difficult living with a chronic pain condition could be.   Pain, like fatigue, is often talked about as a single entity but there are lots of different types of pain sensations which are often difficult to describe, but I’ve given it a bash below.

M.E. Pain

When I was severely affected with M.E. my pain levels were much worse than they are now I’m moderately affected, so there is scope for pain to improve which I hope reassures any of my readers with M.E. who are currently suffering.

The worst pain I had was…

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About Hypermobility Syndrome India

I am an Indian woman with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type (EDS-HT or hEDS). I have been living with this disease all my life, and fighting the manifestations blindly without knowing why my body was a living demo of textbooks of different branches of medicine. Getting a diagnosis at 38 years of age opened up the path for my emotional healing. I aim to raise awareness about hEDS, chronic pain, invisible illnesses, mental illnesses and invisible disabilities, and share my experiences through my blogs.
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