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Scientists uncover genetic explanation that could explain mechanisms in EDS, POTS and MACS

https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/nih-scientists-uncover-genetic-explanation-frustrating-syndrome Scientists at the National Institutes of Health have identified a genetic explanation for a syndrome characterized by multiple frustrating and difficult-to-treat symptoms, including dizziness and lightheadedness, skin flushing and itching, gastrointestinal complaints, chronic pain, and bone and joint problems. … Continue reading

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Link: Hypermobility, Hyperactivity of Autonomic Nervous System and Psychopathology

A recently published doctoral thesis by Jessica Anne ECCLES has studied “the relevance of joint hypermobility and autonomic symptoms, particularly orthostatic intolerance, to clinical psychopathology.

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Link: Too Tired: EDS and Fatigue

Chronic pain and fatigue are two most severe problems present in EDS-HT patients that affect daily life considerably. Many relevant studies related to fatigue in EDS-HT and management strategies are enumerated and referenced in the presentation, “Too Tired: EDS and Fatigue” … Continue reading

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The Role of Narrative in Healing (Part -1)

Honoring the stories of illness | Dr. Rita Charon* | TEDxAtlanta

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